Are you located in an area where tornadoes are common? If you run a farm, own a small business, or a home at which you need to protect your family, you need peace of mind!
The Perfect Storm Shelter offers you nearly absolute protection against the worst of storms.




Shelters are designed to withstand 250 mph wind gusts, typical of an EF-5 tornado.

Easy Assembly!

Just a wrench, a hammer drill, and a hammer are all you need.


3-in-1 Functionality.

Use the structure as a shelter, a workbench, or as a convenient safe.




Cross ventilation. Provide added comfort for your family or employees.


Quick exit access. If debris blocks the door, use a wrench to quickly remove any of the panels from the inside.


Functional sizing. The shelter fits easily in a garage or basement with a 4" concrete floor.


Versatile! Add a wooden top, creating a perfect workbench and extra secured storage space.


Powder Coated! A powder coated finish in white or tan lasts longer than paint, and does not chip as easily.


Our storm shelters pass stringent structural testing standards from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Wind Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University. We are a Producer Member of the National Storm Shelter Association. Producer Members are persons, firms, corporations, or partnerships who are engaged in the manufacture or construction of storm shelters and who certify that shelters are in compliance with the Association Standard in the manufacture and installation or construction of shelters. Producer Members apply an NSSA seal bearing the Producer Member's name to each storm shelter produced. Our shelters are in full compliance with ICC500/NSSA and FEMA standards.


WKYC MENTOR - Storms around the country means big business for a local manufacturing company. The phones have been ringing off the hook at SMP Welding which manufactures The Perfect Storm Shelter.

They build the ready-made shelters right here in Northeast Ohio and ship them all over the country. The shelter safe rooms for families can be stored in your garage.

These shelters can fit up to 6 people in them and you can even have them custom-built to your specifications. The shelter has been tested to withstand up to 250-mile-an-hour winds. -more